How Mobile phones can boost employees’ well-being during coronavirus

During these challenging times of coronavirus, it can be hard to boost employee morale and ensure that employees work at their best. As a business owner, one should start by understanding that there exist two main concerns for employees; how to deal with the coronavirus uncertainty and how to manage the transition to working from home. You should ensure that you address these concerns by offering employees a solid mobile experience. Mobile phones are ever-present, and they are relied on by individuals to perform their daily tasks. It has been established that most employees who have been allowed to have smartphones at their workplaces have become more productive and feel more prepared and confident due to the tools and convenience that mobile phone provides. This article focuses on applying mobile phones at workplaces to help boost the well-being of employees during the pandemic. By allowing employees to have mobile phones in the workplace, you enable them the convenience of doing the work while on the go. They will also feel more linked with their peers, which is beneficial to them and the business at large. The advantages that mobile phones offer to employees include;

1. They offer learning opportunities.

Training employees and keeping them updated on the best skills and tools will help your business develop. Through the development and training opportunities offered by mobile phones, this proves a great way to boost employees’ well-being. There are various mobile learning applications present to provide employees with timely learning opportunities. This way, employees can get the needed training as well as the crucial topics. The internet offers various mobile phone learning platforms. The platforms are easy and fast to set up and enable employees to launch their training immediately.

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2. Mobile phones offer tools for human resource management.

With mobile phones companies manufacturing phones with more and more capabilities, it is now possible to have information regarding payments made, hours worked, and benefits available on the same page. With the new working from home norm brought by the coronavirus, it can be hard to contact each employee directly for the information you need. Having a platform that the employees can key in the required info will make work easier, which will boost their morale. Today’s HR management systems allow a manager to manage various activities, including payroll, all on mobile. It is also possible to create dashboards that are modified for diverse roles. This will enable flexibility and make sure that vital human resource activities are done as usual. Through a mobile application, employees will be able to add documentation, ask for PTO as well as mark their calendar. It is also possible for employees to keep track of their work while on the move, ensuring accurate recording of all the work done. Employees are also able to measure their productivity by tracking the amount of time that a project takes. Having a HR and time-tracking mobile app, employees will stay organized and informed, which will boost their morale and overall well-being.

3. Mobile experience boosts overall well being

Globally people have been affected more than ever by the COVID-19 pandemic. As individuals continue to work from home, one of the main burning issues they encounter is uncertainty regarding carrying on with their work. With the availability of smartphones from sites such as Mobile Phones Direct, one can always choose a phone with various capabilities. Companies can provide helpful tools to employees that will enable them to use their phones to carry out work as usual, which will reduce the work loss uncertainty. By having the proper project management and communication tools on your employees’ phones, you will create positive experiences ensuring that your team keeps in touch with each other. You will also get productivity reports across the board, which provides accountability

4. By appropriately applying mobile phones, workflows are streamlined through project management

When employees work from home, they are typically far apart, making it hard to track project progress and assign tasks. This can negatively affect the organization and employees. However, by having a robust mobile-based project management platform, everyone will be kept on the same page. Some tools make it possible to share feedback and enable teams to manage and create projects and tasks on their own. With such mobile-phone-based tools, employees’ morale gets boosted, which also translates to good overall well-being.

In conclusion, the coronavirus pandemic has presented quite various challenges to businesses. However, these uncertainties can be overcome by employees using mobile phones in their home offices, thus boosting their overall well-being. It is, however, essential to ensure you have a smartphone with the needed features. Review sites such as ReviewsBird will help you get reputable platforms that you’ll get quality phones.

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