The 6 Biggest Business And Tech Trends In 2018

A new year is here and along with it comes a new set of goals and purpose for your business. To that end, Business News Daily compiled a list of business trends and predictions to help businesses start 2019 successfully. From real-time merchandizing to making data-based decisions about physical interaction management and store planning, the age of real-world data is upon us. Combined with web, mobile and social data, in-person data collection and analytics brings retailers much closer to a truly 360 degree customer experience. You can target these customers through social media and email ( 60 percent of Generation Z consumers say email is the most preferred and personal way brands can target them).

Outlining the values that your business startup stands for early on can give you traction with customers that are like minded and believe in the same morals as your company does. From massive data leaks to highly-sophisticated malware sightings to nation-state attacks, the security of today’s businesses and critical infrastructure is more at-risk than ever before. AI isn’t just about vague promises to ‘streamline processes’; it’s developed clear business applications that companies will be desperate to put into place in 2018.

However, there was a 44 percent increase in the share of small business owners who answered either very unconfident” or somewhat unconfident” from the prior year. Do focus on SEO strategies that will be implemented by Law firm marketing services. Cash remains the most popular form of small business financing for the third year in a row, with 37 percent of the share of respondents utilizing it to start their businesses. Better Customer Data: Selling direct to customers allows you to collect data about them that ultimately results in better products, stronger relationships, and increased sales.

The digital world has evolved so much in the last decade, that it makes sense some of the aspects of a business card have made their way online. Companies – including small businesses – need to face cybersecurity challenges head on in 2018. According to , even a second delay in a page’s load time can decrease the customer dissatisfaction by 16 percent. B2B brands have been much slower to adopt Google Maps marketing strategies or even to completely populate their GMB listings, not to mention other online business directories like Yelp, BBB, BizJournals and Glassdoor.

In response, wise companies are self-disrupting before upstarts do it for them, engaging in a digital landgrab to diversify their ecosystem, and using automation and data analytics to produce on demand to reduce waste and react rapidly to trends. Every small business needs customers. Small businesses are unlikely to have dedicated staff responsible for data or AI, so using applications to enhance and automate business operations (like marketing and financial reporting) is a go-to way to jump on the technology.

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