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Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution, is revolutionizing manufacturing by providing manufacturers with the opportunity to utilize advanced manufacturing capabilities and information technology (IT) throughout the product lifecycle. With 2018 upon us, it’s time to revamp and rethink your strategies for your small business. As we’ve already noted, AI is set to change the face of customer service in the coming year, and 75% of companies say it will allow them to move into entirely new areas of business. Here’s a look at current small business trends and what to expect in the coming year. We’ve compiled 10 predicted business trends to help business owners navigate the challenges of 2019 successfully. As IT jobs go unfilled and cybercriminals become more cunning and disruptive, business owners will need to find effective security solutions in 2019, yet 65% of them confess they don’t have a dedicated employee or vendor in place to monitor their systems.

And with plant-based protein a growing market and a new shift towards ‘masculine plant power’, there’s plenty of opportunities for new businesses to capitalise on some less-exploited areas of the trend. To securely enable digital business initiatives in a world of advanced, targeted attacks, security and risk management leaders must adopt a continuous adaptive risk and trust assessment (CARTA) approach to allow real-time, risk and trust-based decision making with adaptive responses. By tapping into some of the key business card trends of 2018 and applying them to your own designs, you can really make your business cards stand out while keeping your branding on point and making those first seven seconds count.

Twenty-three percent said they use a CRM and website analytic tools to help them with their marketing. This is one of the trends in analytics that can be implemented immediately since many vendors already offer this opportunity and ensure that the application works seamlessly and without much complexities. You can use this data to adjust your marketing strategy accordingly and make sure you’re targeting the right audience. In 2019 and beyond, businesses need to be more transparent while giving their customers more control over their personal data and how it’s used.

When asked how much has the government helped or hindered your small business during the current presidential term,” 45 percent of small business owners answered the government provided no help or hindrance. Thus, business owners need to be more conscious of their digital touchpoints. Create high-quality content that offers value to your customers, which they’ll be happy to trade their personal information for. In this post, we’ll reveal the top eight emerging trends that small business owners like you should pay attention to and explain how these trends can help you grow.

While the first two things are above my pay grade, the last is definitely something that needs exploring, and that is just what we are going to do in our annual Top 10 Trends in Small Business columns. The same can be said for the trends taking shape for 2018. Digital marketing extends beyond internet marketing to include channels that do not require the use of the internet. In many cases, clients discover a Facebook page before a business’ website and never even click-through; they’ll simply call or message online and become an immediate prospect.

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