The Responsible Business Trends Report 2018

In this increasingly noisy world, where every day a new brand or product launches every second of a day, what would it take to make people remember you as a business or as a brand? Using live video streaming for international marketing and advertising efforts is particularly effective for its ability to give consumers and potential customers the opportunity to experience a “real-time” event no matter where they are on the planet. Thus, small businesses must continue to seek ways to provide value to their customers to maintain relevance and survive. Read about the latest technological developments and data trends transforming the world of gaming analytics in this exclusive ebook from the DATAx team.

For a small business, content marketing is the sure way for the acquisition of new customers regarding the fact it doesn’t need a huge budget. Struggling to find time and resources is the biggest challenge hindering small businesses, which is a clear indication that small businesses need to find ways to improve efficiency and adopt changing technology and tactics. While the latest shiny new technology may be tempting, remember, AI and predictive analytics are not about to replace the human factor in creating a fulfilling customer experience.

This can be an indication that an increasing number of small businesses are on a tight marketing budget and can’t afford to invest more in digital marketing. Companies will move beyond trying to understand what blockchain is, to figuring out how to be a part of it. A 2018 RSM survey of middle market food and beverage chief financial officers found that just 12 percent are currently using blockchain, but that number will increase as more become aware of blockchain’s benefits across the entire food chain —from the grower to the manufacturer, distributors and beyond.

Data analytics can provide information in real time, letting organizations adjust on pace with the market itself. A great many entrepreneurs have already built their business strategy around these ever growing trends and are reaping the benefits. That’s where digital marketing comes into play. More than likely, you’ll see the same data that we see in our social marketing-video content gets more engagement and traction. About eleven percent of people shopping online conduct their shopping and transactions via their smartphone on a regular basis.

If you want to be uber successful in 2018 and beyond, your marketing will need to be at least somewhat interactive. A good strategy would be to use social media to motivate customers to visit your store’s physical location for an exclusive discount sale. Of course, business operations don’t happen in a vacuum, and business trends are always changing. These extremely out-of-the-box concepts have leverage metaphoric logo trends back in 2018 to amuse minds with curiosity, thoughtful ideas and unique perspective of design for any name it is expected to mold.

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