Most Predicted Trends In The ERP Space For 2018

As the e-commerce industry ticks another year off the calendar, the search for trends for e-commerce trends for 2018 reaches a new high. Not only is regulatory pressure increasing on companies that do so, but Deloitte reports that 71 percent of purchased data is inaccurate. Trends come and go from time to time. The pervasiveness of smartphones with geo-location capabilities promises to be a boon to small businesses in 2019. After sweeping the media and entertainment industries, it will spread to mid-level leaders and less visible industries, predicts Ross Martin, CEO of marketing firm Blackbird. Check out these picks for discovering this year’s top business trends.

While this response received a higher ranking compared to last year, it may be an indication that small business owners who responded to this survey aren’t doing anything with the contact information they’re collecting because they’re wearing multiple hats and don’t have time to keep up. Unfortunately, many small businesses encounter this problem and leave numerous missed opportunities on the table. In fact, according to Allied Market research, the embedded analytics market is projected to reach $60.28 BN by 2023, with a CAGR of 13.6% from 2017 , and this is one of the business analytics topics we will hear even more in 2020.

That’s how marketing needs to be done in 2019. Every year that goes by, technology continues to be a larger and larger imperative for small businesses. If you can stay ahead of the trends, you’re more likely to keep yourself focused, build stronger systems into your business, and be more intentional about what you’re creating. Here are 10 eCommerce trends to watch for in 2020 — developments that brands and retailers need to consider to bridge the gap between how they sell today and what their customers expect in the digital economy.

The breakfast brand recently reported a 3.6 percent redemption rate for a mobile coupon campaign aimed at a competitor’s customers in Rhode Island. More: 73% express that they are very happy with their current state as business owners, and 78% report that their businesses are profitable. Amid a huge flood of information, companies will have to find ways to handle data in a way that not only complies with legal requirements, but also helps to improve processes and make day-to-day business easier. Running a successful small business is challenging, and failing to invest in marketing, or having a marketing plan in place, will make it harder to survive in a competitive market.

By 2020, artificial intelligence (AI) is projected to be a top five investment priority for CIOs, according to NFIB Some small businesses are already hopping on this trend, with 59 percent collecting the information they need to build an AI strategy. Guest Author: Evan currently works at DesignMantic and is an expert in digital marketing and has run several successful marketing campaigns. This trend is by no means slowing down—but now that we’re well into the beginning of 2019, there are some other trends that seem to be on the horizon that small businesses and startups should pay attention to.

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