The Ultimate Guide To Small Business Trends

We are almost on the corner of the year 2018. In fact, 29 percent of respondents said they won’t be using digital marketing in 2019. According to Deloitte , organizations that properly leverage data analytics are able to spot global trends faster than their competitors. 33% say they’re solely responsible” for making technology purchasing decisions at their businesses. Usually, law firms don’t get client because of not focusing on the best business development strategy, the reason is they are not updated with the trends and tactics. To combat this, and make all data actionable, technology developers have created data analytics programs that use advanced technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to break down big data into digestible information.

Main Street has a huge opportunity in 2019 to hone in on specific audiences using location-based marketing. Chatbots, for instance, have proven one of the more popular small business technology applications in recent years, mostly for their ability to answer customer questions without the need for real-life customer service. Ultimately, you want to be understood, found by your customers through any channel and be well-positioned to take advantage of future features from Google and other structured data consumers like Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and AI Chatbots, said Martha van Berkel, CEO, Schema App.

Meredith Wood is the editor-in-chief at Fundera, an online marketplace for small business financial solutions such as business banking accounts and business loans. Here, I’ve gathered 10 trends for which I see momentum building quickly in the digital small business world. In October 2019 alone, American companies paid $7.2 billion in import taxes (along with an additional $42 billion in costs since US trade tariffs began) In addition to a 21 percent federal corporate tax, small businesses in 44 states also pay state taxes, ranging from about four percent (Colorado) to 12 percent (Iowa) Small businesses also pay both state and federal unemployment taxes.

In keeping with the trends of Transparency & Personalization, I believe we’ll see a trend toward pop-up” education in 2018. They spread the word that your business startup is one to frequent and keeps your company top of mind with many new customers. If you have spare time to drive people around, you can make extra money on the side working for a company like Uber or Lyft. Many successful founders and CEOs started their businesses as a side hustle, while still working their full-time jobs. So, the technological trend for 2018 will undoubtedly be that of furthering the digital centralisation of the devices that we use on a daily basis.

While social media remains the top marketing tactic small business owners are budgeting more for in 2019 (30 percent), a significant number of business owners (46 percent) reported they won’t be spending more on marketing in 2019. Customers are overwhelmed by the common and persuasive content being created by companies or brands. AI lets you turn a bunch of apparently random data into actual insight about the way customers are associating with your business. The need for data security is at an all-time high, as is demonstrated by the ranking of technology careers among the top jobs with the greatest potential for growth.

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